Energy efficiency compressed air Regitex

Energy efficiency in compressed air: Regitex

PDF - 4 pages - 05/12/2018 - English

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Introduction or extract from the case study

For more than 35 years, Group Regitex specializes in the manufacturing of cutting-edge yarns for end-users in the protective, industrial, apparel, high performance and home furnishing markets. When auditing an installation, we look for solutions or alternatives to help our clients with 3 different aspects: Safety - Efficiency - Performance. In the case of Group Regitex, our advice and changes were mainly focused on the energy efficiency aspect. To complete this case study, we met Gaétan Demers, research coordinator and development at Group Regitex.

Gaétan Demers, research coordinator and development at Group Regitex

“We were aware that our compressed air network had a lot of air leaks and that it affected the performance of machines and tools. We contacted Topring to come audit our system and evaluate the extent of the problem. The leaks were multiple and our compressors were continuously solicited, even when the production was not running at full capacity. We even added a compressor in anticipation of a future expansion. Despite this, the problems persisted. The impact was significant: our energy costs were high and the performance of our equipment was declining. Because our machines noisy, the air leaks were not audible, making it difficult to identify where they came from.''

The financial impact of excessive air leaks

An average plant loses 20% or more of its compressor capacity due to air leaks. Every time a pressure increases by 2 PSI, it requires the compressor 1% more energy; every PSI lost due to leaks is therefore very costly!

Leak detection program

Any leak detection and repair program starts with a complete audit of the compressed air network which allows us to:

  • Make an overall assessment of air losses
  • Evaluate critical locations related to these air losses
  • Estimate the financial losses associated with these leaks
  • Recommend actions according to the priorities

Group Regitex has chosen to use the following Topring products:

Series 33 - Super flexible Longlife™ Nylon.Polyurethane tubings
Series 77 - TOPFLEX® “Lock-on” hoses
Series 44-46 - MAXFIT® push-to-connect fittings polymer
Series 80 - Air control valves
Series 20 - QUIKSILVER quick couplers

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