Winterizing RV: How to Drain the Water

winterizing RV

When temperatures drop, water in the pipes of your recreational vehicle (RV) may freeze and damage hydraulic system. Use a water blowout adapter to vent residual water using compressed air.

Prepare your recreational vehicles (RV), camper van or fifth wheel for wintertime. Summer is behind us. With temperature cooling down, residual water from water lines may freeze and cause damages to hydraulic circuits. Ice is denser than water and occupies a larger volume. It expands until it bursts its container, in this case the RV piping. Don’t ignore this danger. Drain residual water from the plumbing lines using a water blowout adapter. A simple and safe way to evacuate water to winterize your RV.

Winterizing RV: How to Drain the Water from the Pipes by Using Compressed Air Vous aurez besoin :

You will need:

  • 1 water blowout adapter kit with or without a preset pressure regulator
  • 1 compressor with a hose and quick coupler ¼ industrial profile (which will connect with the ¼ industrial plug included with the water blowout adapter

The steps to follow: 

  1. Close the hot water tank and set the bypass valves
  2. Set the air pressure to max 45 PSI
  3. Connect the hose to the inlet of the water system
  4. Open the valve
  5. Open each water outlet

Here is a short instructional video that demonstrates how to drain water from an RV’s plumbing.

The essential tool for winterizing RVs: the water blowout adapter kit

4 models available: 

41.942 Water blowout adapter kit with female and male garden hose connector

The benefits: 

  • Robust and high efficiency design for a longer lifespan
  • Quick and easy use
  • Environmentally friendly alternative: no need for antifreeze solutions
  • Ball valve airtight in both directions, for an optimal connection
  • Robust, lightweight, and ultra-flexible hose to access tight spaces
  • Hose compliant with RoHS standard and phthalates free

Why should you use a pressure regulator with your water blowout adapter kit?

We strongly recommend installing a pressure regulator or a Series 62 SAVEAIR® preset pressure regulator:

  • To protect water lines and components from excessive pressure
  • To prevent possible component failures.

Download the description sheet (PDF)

Users Reviews

Here are some reviews from users after they tried one of the water blowout adapter kits to drain water from their recreational vehicle.

Quality Product

“Simple and easy to use. Great quality.”

Works Great

“Works as expected. Connectors are watertight and the device is very easy to use.”

Great Tool

“Works perfectly to blow out my inground sprinkler system.”

For more information or for help in selecting a water blowout adapter kit, contact a Technical Advisor at 1-800-263-8677 or by email at


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