Safety Solution for Personal Cleaning With Compressed Air

compressed air safety solution

A safety personal cleaning unit that safely dislodges dust residues.

Have you ever used air blow guns to dislodge dust residues from your clothing or from your body? This practice, though prohibited by law, is widespread among workers. The pressure of the air can cause serious illnesses and physical injuries such as to name a few, projected particles entering the eyes, skin perforation, hearing loss, respiratory complications and even blood vessel blockage.

The Solution? A Safety Personal Cleaning Unit

The safety personal cleaning unit safely dislodges dust residues. Designed to meet OSHA and other Health and Safety Agencies Standards in matters of cleaning, it is a safe solution to remove residues from clothing without the risk of causing physical injuries. 

safety personnal cleaning unit5 reasons to use a personal cleaning unit:

  1. Safe, powered by compressed air - No electrical motor, therefore no risk of sparks
  2. On-demand air-agitator brush attachment with a high-efficiency pneumatic vacuum
  3. Offered with a standard or HEPA 0,3 micron filter
  4. Mounts on any vertical surface saving floor space and it's easy to maintain
  5. Keep the working environment clean

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A Confectionery Manufacturer’s Testimony

pneumatic vacuum cleaner confectionery

Employees of a confectionery manufacturer used air blow guns to dislodge starch dust from their clothing (a very fine and volatile product). This technique, prohibited by law, is widespread, although very dangerous. The particles projected into the air after blowing are generally inhaled by the employees. This can cause long-term respiratory complications and illnesses.


The company has installed a safety personal cleaning unit at multiple workstations in the plant. In addition to improving air quality and a cleaner work environment, the company is now complying with OSHA requirements.

For more information on cleaning regulations with compressed air, visit:

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS)

Government of Canada

Government of Quebec

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