Maximum Safety Blow Gun: A Unique Solution

safety blow guns

Blowing compressed air on a person can cause serious injury

Air guns should be used with care to avoid injury. Thoughtless use can have serious consequences.

Compressed air can cause serious injury if blown directly onto a person. That's why Canadian law prohibits it.

Maximum Safety Blow Guns

AIRPRO maximum safety blow gun offers great performance while being the safest blow gun available on the market. When the tip of the blow gun is blocked, a safety check valve located inside the blow gun mechanism immediately shuts off the airflow. Thus the user will never be exposed to a dangerous airflow on his skin. When the nozzle is free of any obstruction, the valve re-engages to release air.

safety check valve shuts off the airlow if tip blocked

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A Pulp and Paper Company Testimony

Pulp and Paper Company

As a practical joke, a user blew compressed air directly onto the skin of his coworker. The victim suffered serious injuries and had to be transported to the hospital. Many are unaware that air blowing can cause personal injuries. For instance, compressed air, blown into the mouth, can seriously injure the lungs, stomach, intestines, or other internal organs. Powerful enough to penetrate clothing and skin, compressed air can enter within the bloodstream and cause a stroke.


As a result of this accident, the company equipped all its workstations with Topring maximum safety blow guns. These safety blow guns are unique; in the event of an obstruction of the nozzle, a shut-off valve located inside the mechanism shuts off the airflow immediately. Once the nozzle is free of any obstruction, the valve re-engages to release the air.  Finally, the company has also taken the necessary steps to make all its employees aware of the safe use of blow guns and compressed air.

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